Shining Stars Level 1

Ages 4-5

Thursday 5:30 – 6:15

$59.00 tuition

This class is the perfect balance of creativity and structure.  Through repetition of steps, taking turns, and working with others, your child will become socially and emotionally independent.  You will delight in watching her growth as she is able to memorize songs and dances.  Dance vocabulary is an integral part of your child’s dance training and is reinforced  in every class.  This class is a combination of ballet and tap lessons.


 Shining Stars Level 2

Ages 5- 6

This is a combination class of tap and ballet.  Here the building blocks for a strong dance foundation are taught.  The students are introduced to the ballet barre with basic plie’ and tendu combinations.  Progressions across the floor continue with the layering of new skills and steps.  Vocabulary is reinforced so that your child begins to recognize steps through voice prompts instead of just following along.

Class time 45 minutes

Thursday 6:45 – 7:30

Monthly tuition $59