Competition Teams


Highest scoring elite senior group of the day Nyla Dance competition

Emotional execution award. choreography award, costume award

Titanium Elite award and 5th place overall 8 National Talent


1st overall teen/senior elite large group Nyla dance competition

1st overall Bravo dance competition

5th place overall large group 8 National Talent


3rd place overall elite teen group Starbound dance competition

3rd place overall Nyla dance competition

beautiful performance award, attention to detail award

8th place elite level overall 8 National Talent

Highest scoring junior intermediate group of the day Nyla dance competition

Creativity at it’s best award. fantastic formation award, choreography award

4th place high Score 8 National Talent


1st place overall elite National Title winners 8 National Talent Competition


3rd Place overall Elite National Title Winners 8 National Talent Competition

Highest scoring teen intermediate routine of the day Nyla dance competition

New York award

1st overall VIP dance competition



2nd place overall VIP dance competition

Great use of prop award



1st place overall senior group NTG Competition

1st place overall senior group Starbound Competition

2nd place overall Dance Magic Competition


1st place overall senior group Dance Magic Competition

3rd Place overall senior group Starbound