We take great pride in what we do. The minute you walk into our studio, you become part of our family.  As dance teachers, our role is less about running a studio and more about creating a sanctuary for our students.  Dance classes are more than an education in the arts, but memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

“Our light and passion for dance illuminates the light and passion in our students.”

  • Mari Milnar
    Mari Milnar Owner/ Teacher

    “Watching my students eyes light up when mastering a new step is the highlight of my week.”

  • Amethyst Clement
    Amethyst Clement Associate Teacher

    “We challenge our students to reach for something bigger.  Setting goals is one of our top values.”

  • Griffin Collins
    Griffin Collins Associate Teacher

    “I teach because I love to foster creativity and passion for dance in children.”

  • Shari Hebert
    Shari Hebert Associate Teacher

    “Sharing my love for dance with my students and unlocking their potential to be great is what brings joy to me as their teacher.”

  • Shannon Seput
    Shannon Seput Associate Teacher

    “An educational program that uses dance as a valid learning modality is exactly what our society needs today.  All children can find joy and fulfillment in dance classes.”

  • Macie Ronquille
    Macie Ronquille Office Administrator

A look inside our studio.

“MMDA sets the bar for dance studios.It’s a loving environment for your child to learn and appreciate the art of dance. Their dance revue is truly a class act. Experience speaks volumes and that is indeed what the faculty at MMDA shares with their students. At MMDA we are family.”

S. Bordelon